Talaia Platform: A Solution for Service Providers

As a service provider, you perfectly understand the need for the network infrastructure you manage to run smoothly. You are also always in the lookout for ways to differentiate from competitors by delivering added-value solutions – rather than simply competing by price.

With these needs in mind, we have created Talaia Platform. With a single multi-tenant deployment, you can not only enjoy the benefits of network visibility within your organization: you can also provide a turnkey network visibility solutions to deliver a superior customer experience to your customers.

Traffic accounting


Our agile user interface allows you have a general overview of your network as well as a detailed drill down view to investigate problems. You can view who are the bandwidth hoggers, which applications take up most of the network etc.


We have produced proprietary machine learning based algorithms enable signature-less flagging of anomalous traffic patterns, only using NetFlow data. Our attack detection engine alerts you of the most network-threatening events. We work hard to avoid false positives.

attack detection
data retention


Get periodic reports, or generate one-off reports, covering the data of your interest. We retain data up to 3 months by default but this can be extended.


We offer you the Talaia Platform not only for internal use, but also as an added value to your customers. There are two ways you can integrate Talaia Platform in your commercial offer. One is to offer it fully-featured to your customers as a value-added service. The other model is to offer a basic feature set, and charge to unlock the full feature set, generating a new source of revenue.

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Service providers: adding value to customers