A tough problem when selling connectivity is how to differentiate from competitors. In a world where bandwidth is getting cheaper and cheaper, with a gravitational pull to $0/Mbps, there are only two ways to stay on business. One is to embrace the race to the bottom and aim to be better priced than anyone, which can be very tough in a saturated competitive landscape. The saner strategy is to differentiate your commercial offer from other providers by offering added value.

With this in mind, we have created Talaia Platform. Talaia is our SaaS network visibility platform, which collects (not only) NetFlow statistics of network traffic from our customers, and provides a nifty network dashboard with application detection, attack and anomaly detection, and a bunch of other cutting-edge features, all bundled together with a next-generation web-based front-end that our competitors envy.

Multi-tenancy solution


The Talaia Platform is a multi-tenant version of Talaia that is geared at helping you provide added value to your customers, or even become a new source of revenue for you. We allow you to define a set of users that are restricted to view only a subset of the traffic. That is, with a single Talaia installation, you can offer network visibility to all your customers, who will be able to see only their traffic.


The Talaia Platform is fully managed by us, and runs either in our cloud infrastructure, or on-premises in your own servers—your choice. Unlike the standard edition of Talaia, it can be customized in its feature set, and supports branding.

Reselling: White Labelling
Reselling: turn-key solution


Talaia Platform is a type of solution that is easily or readily deployed into a current business, system or process, which you would be able to use immediately once installed.


Talaia has customers pushing close to 1Tbps. Whatever traffic volumes your company is moving, we support that. Even if we believe network visibility is much more than an ensemble of big data technologies, we do use big data solutions under the hood.