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Bandwidth Monitoring

Track bandwidth usage per application, including HTTP and HTTPS services. Spot congestion easily. Gain a general understanding of your network traffic flow.

Identify Top Talkers

Trivially determine bandwidth hogs and enforce company policies on bandwidth usage. Information is also available per-application.

Forensics NetFlow Database

Storage of raw traffic for in-depth incident analysis and forensics. Flows are indexed and stored, allowing for fast retrieval.

Detect Attacks

Proprietary machine learning based algorithms enable signature-less flagging of anomalous traffic patterns, only using NetFlow data.

Peering & Transit Analytics

Discover the BGP paths that your traffic is following through the Internet and get access to transit statistics to make smart peering decisions

Focus in Subnets or Interfaces of Interest

Create logical traffic views as needed. Focus in subnets, interfaces, ports, data centers, physical locations, or any other criterion of your choosing.

Virtualized or SaaS/Cloud

Offered as a service from the cloud for max ease of deployment. On-premises version for physical or virtualized servers also available.

Geolocate Traffic

Tell where your traffic comes from, and where it goes, in geographical terms.

A Multi-Tenant Platform

Restrict users to only the traffic they are allowed to observe. Leverage our platform to provide value-added services to your own customers.

Identify Domains, Even for Encrypted SSL Traffic

Gain an insight on your HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Because SSL traffic is becoming pervasive, we put special effort into accurately identifying SSL traffic.

Agile Analysis and Drill-Down

Our agile user interface allows you to easily drill down and investigate problems.

Receive Alerts

Our attack detection engine alerts you of the most network-threatening events. We work hard to avoid false positives.

Storage of Historic Data

Virtually unlimited storage of information for historical purposes. Blazing fast computation of arbitary queries (e.g., 'top talkers of the first week of the last month'?).

Generate Offline Reports

Get periodic reports, or generate one-off reports, covering the data of your interest.

A Modern, Agile, Feature-Rich UI

No more dated user interfaces. We have built a functional interface that is pretty and feature rich but, at the same time, without bloat.