Often times you need to retain control of your data – especially, due to regulatory issues. The Enterprise plan was born exactly to preserve this level of control. Install Talaia on-premises, and you will retain full control over your data.

On premises solution
Monitor multiple sites


Monitor as many routers as you need effortlessly. We support industry standard protocols such as NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, jFlow and others, so that we support virtually all enterprise-grade routers, even in heterogeneous, multi-vendor environments.


Monitor organizational units or points of presence independently. You can create users and restrict them to a subset of all your traffic, so that every user can see only what they need to. That is, with a single installation.

Multi-tenancy solution


Talaia has customers pushing close to 1Tbps. Whatever traffic volumes your company is moving, we support that. Even if we believe network visibility is much more than an ensemble of big data technologies, we do use big data solutions under the hood.