Functional & Intuitive Dashboard

We believe great software does not require a user’s manual, nor a thousand clicks to get by. We have worked hard to provide you with a functional, intuitive dashboard in our turnkey network visibility solution.


Our proprietary machine learning algorithms heuristically classify the traffic per application as the port numbers included in NetFlow are not as informative as they once were.

attack detection


Get an alarm when your network is under attack. Our machine learning based algorithms perform behavioral analysis on the incoming NetFlow data, and highlight traffic patterns that are unusal, extreme, or threatening.

Our AI learns what services exist in your network, and avoids raising false alarms for their usual activities. Since we do not rely on pre-programmed traffic signatures, you don’t need to fine-tune them endlessly.


Most often, you simply want to know who is slowing down the network for everyone. Find the bandwidth hogs in a couple of clicks: which IP addresses are the top talkers, which pairs of IP addresses are exchanging the highest traffic volumes, on which ports, and what Autonomous Systems are involved.

Traffic accounting
self-explanatory dashboard


Easily navigate through our interface to explore your traffic. Perform arbitrary time interval or application selections, which stick as you jump from tab to tab. Perform WHOIS and DNS lookups for addresses, search for individual flows, integrate with your DNS server, or give IP addresses nicknames.

We believe a network visibility is more than a collection of graphics.