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Talaia is a Network Visibility solution that delivers intelligence for network operations, security and planning.


Talaia combines Big Data and Machine Learning tech to provide insights on how a network is being used, detect DDoS attacks, securely store metadata for long-term analysis, and enable informed peering decisions, all wrapped up in an easy to deploy SaaS solution that offers virtually unlimited scalability.


Talaia's customers are in 4 continents, in more than 20 countries, and we are serving Internet Service Providers, Data-Centers, Managed Service Providers, Fortune 500 Companies, Publicly Listed Enterprises and Government Institutions. 

Talaia's Network Intelligence Platform is built by Talaia Networks, an innovative EU-based company based in Barcelona, Spain. Behind the products of Talaia Networks lies the expertise of more than 20 years of research in network security and monitoring from its founders at UPC-BarcelonaTech. Talaia aims to stay at the cutting edge of the state-of-the art in network management and security.

Talaia has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 726763





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