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Visibility & Intelligence

Network Visibility and Traffic intelligence platform built for the massive scale of today's networks

Can you imagine that the entire internet was run through DPI boxes? That wouldn't really scale, for sure. We provide a NetFlow/IPFIX solution that gets really close to the precision of opening each package without the drawbacks of cost, scale and latency of DPI solutions

Enhanced Application Classification

A Machine Learning approach that is much more precise at classifying traffic and application compared to port-based solutions. Get domain information even for Encrypted traffic. 

Flexible Raw Data Querying

Query through trillions of raw flows in less than a second. Drill-down capabilities are enhanced when combining filter queries with our Persistent Timeline Selection and our Traffic View selections  

Identify Top Talkers

Quickly find your network's hogs, identify if they are doing a legitimate use of the network through our Application Detection, Domains they are visiting, Geolocation of their traffic or by performing a Whois directly from the interface

Additional Features

Bandwidth Monitoring

Track bandwidth usage per application, including HTTP and HTTPS services. Spot congestion easily. Gain a general understanding of your network traffic flow.

Focus in key Subnets or Interfaces

Create logical traffic views as needed. Focus in subnets, interfaces, ports, data centers, physical locations, or any other criteria that fits your goals.

Geolocate Traffic

Tell where your traffic comes from, and where it goes, in geographical terms. Get flexible analysis, for instance by filtering out per-application, and find if DNS traffic is being redirected to an unusual location.

Identify Domains, Even for Encrypted SSL Traffic

Gain an insight on your HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Because SSL traffic is becoming pervasive, we put special effort into accurately identifying SSL traffic

Generate Offline Reports

Get periodic reports, or generate one-off reports, covering the data of your interest. They can be sent automatically by email to involved parties.

White-Label and Multitenant

As a resell ready solution, Talaia can be customized with your company's branding, that along our built in multitenacy, make it the ultimate added value solution to your portfolio. Both white-labeling and multitenacy are available on the SaaS/Cloud and On-Premise models.   





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