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Talaia platform will be discontinued

Network Intelligence,

DDoS and Threat Mitigation

A highly scalable, NetFlow/IPFIX based big-data platform

that is designed for network operators taking complex decisions

Intelligence at Network Scale

Peering Analytics

Analyze BGP Peering and Transit data in an agile and flexible way. Visualize your traffic's paths and jumps, as well as its evolution in time

Traffic Intelligence

Get DPI-like network intelligence with NetFlow. Get the data you need without the costs and scalability issues of DPI and simplify your operations

Threat Mitigation

From port scans to large DDoS attacks. Detect and mitigate threats in real time thanks to our sophisticated machine learning, securing Layers 3, 4 & 7

Threat Mitigation

Beyond NetFlow Collection

Big Data

Built for massive scale, deployed on networks at Terabit-Per-Second, working with trillions of flow records in the Cloud and On-Premise

Machine Learning

A NetFlow, IPFIX collector that leverages our purpose built, proprietary Machine Learning algorithms that turn plain NetFlow into DPI-like intelligence

User Experience

Having the right information at the right time is critical when under pressure. We've thoughtfully designed every dashboard to work for you

Currently Processing Millions

of Flow Records per Second

Why Talaia?

Built for scale

Computer networks are becoming increasingly complex systems. Since their inception, they have been continuously growing in available bandwidth, and have become pervasive. Together with these phenomena, a number of business-critical applications have emerged, such as e-mail, intranets, collaborative tools, and, with the rise of Voice over IP services, even telephony. This is a positive-feedback loop, because the emergence of more applications in turn calls for larger networks that offer more bandwidth.

Operations made simple

Our demo allows you to explore Talaia's interface using a predefined, anonymised set of data. This data never changes, and you can use the demo to explore Talaia's user interface without making any changes to your own equipment whatsoever.

Flexible, Open APIs

Don't get vendor lock-in. We use standard protocols for metadata collection and device rule creation, we have open, documented API's so that you can the NetFlow Enrichment we do to any other dashboard you may have, or you can also feed our dashboard with other sources you may have. We're happy to keep our API's open either way. 

Built for reselling

A tough problem when selling connectivity is how to differentiate from competitors. In a world where bandwidth is getting cheaper and cheaper, with a gravitational pull to $0/Mbps, there are only two ways to stay on business. We have built Talaia's platform so you can easily resell Traffic Visibility and DDoS Protection to your customers as an added value.





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